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Opinion vs. Informed Opinion vs. Science

"Beware of False Balance: Are the Views of the Scientific Community Accurately Portrayed?"

"Facts? No Thanks. I've Got Ideology"


"No, You're Not Entitled to Your Opinion"

"Heightening Uncertainty Around Certain Science: Media Coverage, False Balance, and the AutismVaccine Controversy"

"Why I Don't Believe in Science...and Students Shouldn't Either"

"Why We Don't Believe in Science"

"Making Informed Decisions & Critical Thinking"

"Your Opinion vs. My Science: How We REALLY Know Things"

"Why Climate Skeptics are Wrong"

Evaluating Websites
The ABCD Method
Check out the ABCD Method for Evaluating Websites when surfing the web for information for your project. This will help you understand which websites are reliable and which ones may not be good to use.
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