Tips for Before You Begin Filming:


  • Don’t wear clothing that is the same color as the screen!

  • Avoid wrinkles and/or shadows on the screen.

  • Record in a quiet place with good lighting.


  • Think ahead→ make sure you can transfer your video to the device with iMovie installed on it!

iMovie Tips for After You’ve Filmed:

  • Import your video:

    • First, add the background photo or video.

    • Second, add the green screen
      video as an overlay to the


    • Third, select the green screen video and
      switch the setting to “Green/Blue Screen.”


  • Edit the clip:

    • Crop- If the camera filmed any areas outside of the green screen, crop them out of the video.

    • Customize the Style- Choose
      “Ken Burns” style if you want
      either you or the background
      to move in the video. Position
      the “Start” and “End” boxes to
      achieve the desired effect.