Spooky Stories to Share

if you dare!

We are sharing scary stories in the library again this year. The stories come from the "Spooked" episodes of NPR's Snap Judgement podcast or the Lore podcast. These stories are meant to make your heart beat fast and your hair stand on end, but they often deal with upsetting events so please make sure they are appropriate for your class before sharing!

Spooked VII: Pitch Black

This episode of the Snap Judgement podcast "Spooked VII: Pitch Black" has three haunting tales. You can access them by using the link above and forwarding to the appropriate time marks or listen to the whole thing!

A Boy in the Woods: Starts at 1:51

When a social worker in a remote area of Ireland is called to aid a boy who keeps sneaking into the dark woods at night, he encounters far more than he expects.  

Border Patrol: Starts at 26:50

A patrol agent must go out into the dark of the Arizona night to prevent people from crossing into the United States, but what happens when something closer to home is lurking there?

Al: Starts at 43:00

What happens when someone you've cared for dies but needs one last bit of advice? A tale told by a non-believer that will make you believe!


For something a little shorter: 





Black Stockings

Humans have a history of making up stories to explain the unexplainable. Sometimes we use those stories to teach our children a moral lesson, or entertain our friends. Sometimes, though, those stories get taken seriously, and the results have been unspeakable.

The Big Chill

Thanks to the writings of Stephen King, the state of Maine has become known as a place of fictional horror and tragedy. But it's at the real-life intersection of Maine's harsh winters and deadly coastline that we find the most tragic stories of all. Stories that no one would want to experience for themselves.

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