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Evaluating Websites: Juuling

What we're up to today:

Introduction: What makes a good website and why do we care?

  • Why is it important to evaluate a web page for credibility and reliability?

    • Criteria for evaluating web pages

    • Web Evaluation Rubric (ABCD Method)


Group work: Evaluating a website for reliable information about Juuling.

  • See instructions below for completing the activity.


Group presentations: Yes or no?

  • Share your group's evaluation with the class and make a final judgement about your assigned website.


 Lesson goals:



  • Health Information:

    • Students demonstrate the ability to locate and access valid health information.


  • Validity of Resources:

    • Students evaluate the validity and reliability of information relevant to health.​​​​​​​


  • Evaluate sources based on criteria such as authority or author, bias/purpose, content, date, and relevance to the topic.

Class Activity:

1. The class will be split into groups of four students.


2. Each student will have a role:


  • Leader: Guide the group through the completion of the evaluation to ensure work is complete.

  • Timer: Monitor the time allotted and keep the group on task to ensure work is completed on time.

  • Secretary: Complete and submit the Web Evaluation Google form for your group

  • Presenter: Work together to share your group's recommendation for the website you evaluated.


3. Groups will evaluate websites designated below and complete the Web Evaluation Form to the right.



4. Groups will share their findings in a recap of their discussions and make recommendations as to whether or not the website should be used for researching this topic.

Reliable resources about Juuling
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