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MLA 8 Guidelines

Formatting in MLA

Research Tools


Citing sources isn't difficult, but it will take some attention to detail. This page is full of resources to help you be successful, but if you need assistance, always feel free to contact a librarian. Mrs. Denecker or Mrs. Chavonelle are here to help!

3 parts to MLA citation:

1. Formatting the Paper & Works Cited Page

No title page necessary. Double space header to look like this.

Times New Roman 12 pt. font

Title of the paper one line below the header. Do not italicize paper title.

Tab in one space to start a new paragraph. Leave one space after a period. 

Smith 1

Jane E. Smith

Mr. Mister

English I

22 November 2016

The Role of Women in To Kill a Mockingbird

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird...

2. Parenthetical (In-text) Citations

Last name and page number 1/2 inch from the top of each page

1" margins top, bottom and sides

The header at the top should be centered and say "works cited."

Each citation should be flush with the left margin. Subsequent lines should be indented one tab (or 5 spaces). 

Smith 11

Works Cited

"Elizabeth I 1533–1603 English Queen." Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students, edited by

         Paul F. Grendler, vol. 2, Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004, pp. 44-47. World History in

         Context. Accessed 17 Sept. 2015.

"Elizabeth I." Elizabethan World Reference Library, edited by Sonia G. Benson and Jennifer

York Stock, vol. 2: Biographies, UXL, 2007, pp. 81-93. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Accessed 17 Sept. 2015.

Richards, Judith. "Elizabeth I: Fictions And Realities." History Review, vol. 72, 2012, pp. 11-16.

Academic Search Complete. Accessed 18 Sept. 2015.

"The Speeches of Elizabeth I." Elizabethan World Reference Library, edited by Sonia G. Benson

and Jennifer York Stock, vol. 3: Primary Sources, UXL, 2007, pp. 35-44. World History in Context. Accessed 18 Sept. 2015.

Weir, Alison. The Life of Elizabeth I. Ballantine, 1999.

1" margins top, bottom and sides

Alphabetize entries by the last name of the author or by the first word in the article title.

Parenthetical Citations

Purdue OWL is another great resource for MLA 8 citation!

Citing Sources


check out this tutorial at the MLA Style Center !

NoodleTools Express is a citation creation tool similar to EasyBib and Citation Machine. It does not save to your NoodleTools account but does create more accurate citations compated to other similar sites.

3. Creating a Works Cited Page


Print Reference Book

Print Sources

Online Sources

Use these templates to help you create citations!

To save: 

1. Download file to desktop

2. Open Preview or Acrobat from the Applications folder

3. Open saved file from Preview or Acrobat

4. Enter information and save to your computer

Article in a Database

Web Page on a Website

Reference Book in a Database

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