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Creating for the Classroom with 

So you've shot some video... now how do you add it to iMovie?!?!

First, what type of device did you use to record your video?

Flip camcorder

iPhone / iPad

Files can be transferred from the flip camcorder by plugging the foldable USB stick into the USB port on your computer.


*Do NOT transfer the files to your desktop! If your computer were to crash, then the files would be lost. Save them to the Documents folder, which backs the files up to the school server, or a cloud storage like GoogleDrive or Dropbox.

If video is recorded on an Apple device, then it is automatically saved to the Photos app. The video will be accessible in the Photos app on your Macbook, as well, if you are signed in with the same Apple ID.

non-Apple device

If you filmed using a mobile device that runs on Android, Windows, Blackberry, or some other non-Apple operating system, then your video will need to be transferred to your computer through a cloud (unless you have the Apple photos app on a non-Apple device, which would make you an awesome genius!).


Examples of cloud storage systems are GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and SugarSync. It is recommended that you log into google using your school account on your mobile device and then upload the video to GoogleDrive. Once the video is stored in GoogleDrive, you can access it on other devices so the video can then be downloaded onto your MacBook from GoogleDrive into your Documents folder. 

Second, how can you add video from your MacBook into iMovie?

1. Open the iMovie program on your MacBook and start a new

2. Create a new movie, NOT a movie trailer, and start with a blank template.
    (Although the pre-created templates look neat, they aren't customizable!)

3. Add your video to the new project. Videos can be imported from the Photos
    app library or from other folders in your computer. Please follow the
    directions below.

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