The InfoTech Team at Windham High School aspires to offer all students access to accurate and comprehensive information, robust and meaningful technology, and the opportunity to follow their passions and disover what's possible.

Library Philosophy

The library is the hub of the school where all patrons have a right to intellectual freedom:  to their own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.  Access to information is essential to a democratic society. The librarians at Windham High School will continuously strive to provide a wide variety of resources to our patrons and encourage collaboration and open dialogue.  We will create policies like those found on the American Library Association (ALA) website that protects our patrons’ privacy while allowing as much information as is legally available. We will also do our best to follow the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics and Library Bill of Rights, but recognize a balance will need to be found in order to realistically meet the needs of our patrons. 

Policies & Guidelines