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Mission & Vision

What We're Doing at  WHS

Collaborate with Local College Libraries

MLA 8 Instruction

Research Curriculum

The Zany Majestic Bard

Teen Read Week

Student Book Club

Classroom Video on Demand

Genrefying the Collection

Portland Public Library PALS

Inter-Library Loan

MASL "Impressive Web Presence" Award


MassCUE Virtual Presentation

MCELA "Dine and Discuss" Presenter

Info-Tech Team 









For more information on our library program, please refer to our annual report

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What we're Doing

Teachers and students share why they love their library. Click here to find out why!

Benefits of a School Librarian

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What can your librarian do for you?

 "Highly Effective School Library Programs." Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Department of Education, 2016, 22 Nov. 2016. 

Certified librarians foster 21st-century skills

What can your librarian do

  Effective School Library Programs

Libraries for Our  Future

 "Definition for Effective School Library Program." ALA, American Library Association, 2016, 22 Nov. 2016. 

Click here for a digital copy of this essential report on the benefits of school libraries!

Effective School Programs
Libraries for Our Future
  • Certified librarian in every school with support staff Required Information Literacy standards for all students in grades K-12 

  • Librarians as technology leaders

  • Funding for collection development

  • Flexible schedule to allow for collaboration with teachers

  • Librarians as professional development leaders

  • Professional development opportunities

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